The core area of our capability is the complete and operational installation of pipeline constructions - of all materials – to transport a variety of nearly all media, as well as the manufacturing of complete and operational apparatus for the industrial and marine pipeline construction.

Industrial pipeline construction

The pipeline construction in constructions of business establishments is a main focus of our activity. We manufacture and install all pipelines and systems in business establishments of all branches if the industrial business.
For example: in pump and water stations, for sewage treatment and waste disposal stations, for gas adjustment and measuring stations, in storage tank stations as well as in engine building.

Marine pipeline construction

We are at home in marine shipbuilding. Since the foundation of our company we have constant and sustainable operated in the marine pipeline construction. We deliver, install and mount all imaginable pipelines and connections for marine and navy vessels as well as for platforms. Our huge experience contains the pipeline construction for medical oxygen, supply and disposal water systems, for fire extinguishing systems and cargo piping systems on board of merchant vessels as well as on board of special vessels as there are cruise vessels, yachts, ferries, oil- gas and chemical tankers and platforms. This is our routine and at the same time our stimulation.

Apparatus manufacturing

The increase of our portfolio with the apparatus manufacturing has broadened our range of activities. We deliver the manufactured apparatuses to the full contend of our customers

It contains at present the manufacturing of ballast water treatment systems, oil separators and….

We are continuously working to increase our portfolio.

Project managers
Construction managers
Service engineers and foremen
Adjusters and pipe fitters

guarantee a professional execution of our works.